A new MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is signed and ready to be added to your contract! #

Recently, an Associ­a­tion Group Griev­ance was filed on behalf of the nurses regarding Supple­mental and Part Time nurses’ unpaid time off. 


Champi­oning this griev­ance was Stephanie Othmer, RN from the ER (pictured), who found the appli­ca­tion of the language was done incon­sis­tently and wrongly by Manage­ment according to your contract. Under the griev­ance process, together with WSNA, it was discov­ered the appli­ca­tion by Manage­ment of the language was ambiguous throughout the hospital. As part of the settle­ment, the parties agreed to bargain language that would secure intent and under­standing moving forward.

In addition, your team of WSNA nurses made some additional gains for this group of nurses!

NEW additions to the language include:

  • A new rollover system for unpaid time off if not used by the end of the year.
  • A new system for supple­men­tals to take a one month pause” from their Supple­mental agree­ments should they chose.
  • Nurses now have the discre­tion to take unpaid time off in hourly incre­ments, vs a whole entire shift. This allows the nurse more flexi­bility in their lives for family commit­ments, or other personal events.

Thank you to your WSNA team of nurses — Nonie Kingma, AGPU, Darryl Johnson, CICU, Rian Williams, NICU, Alyssa Boldt, 9N Cardiac Medical and Stephanie Othmer, ER, for your hard work on helping to craft this new language.

Please be sure to print a copy of this MOU and keep it in a safe place along with your WSNA Contract.

Congrat­u­la­tions SHMC RNs for another, fantastic victory and win!

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Rep Jaclyn Perkins BSN, RN at jperkins@wsna.org.