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We stay on top of issues and bills in that impact the nursing profes­sion, health care and collec­tive bargaining. Through regular updates and oppor­tu­ni­ties to partic­i­pate in the polit­ical process, WSNA helps nurses stay informed and have a say in the decisions that impact your practice. 

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Tell your legis­la­tors to support nursing and patient safety priorities.

2020 legislative session #

This year we’re working on…

Budget priorities
  • School Nurse Corps funding
    Improve the health and safety of K‑12 students across Washington by funding OSPI’s request for an additional $2.75 million for the School Nurse Corps which funds nurses in Class II (small, rural) school districts.
  • Nursing educa­tion funding
    Increase funding for four-year univer­sity nursing faculty salaries to recruit and retain well-quali­fied educa­tors. Provide schol­ar­ship and loan repay­ment funding that allows finan­cial stability while giving under­served commu­ni­ties additional providers. Increase training oppor­tu­ni­ties for sexual assault nurse examiners.
Policy priorities
  • Sexual assault nurse examiners
    Increase access to training, improve reimburse­ment and call payments, and create unifor­mity around the state to ensure victims receive the care they deserve.
  • ARNP reimburse­ment parity
    Require health plans to reimburse ARNPs at the same rate as physi­cians when the same service is provided, aligning with the practice of Washington State Medicaid and the Depart­ment of Labor & Industries.
  • Health system trans­parency
    Require increased trans­parency of health system finan­cial reporting, including disag­gre­ga­tion of data.


Advocacy toolkit #

Legislator voting record

The 2019 Legis­lator Voting Record was devel­oped based on priority bills that WSNA supported during the 2019 state legisla­tive session. Not all WSNA priority bills were voted on in both chambers, which is why the bills lists differ from Senate to House. As the voting records indicate, most nursing issues have bipar­tisan support in Olympia.

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News #

ANA met with President Trump to discuss coronavirus prevention strategies

Today, ANA Chief Nursing Officer Debbie Hatmaker met with President Donald J. Trump to urge the administration to provide a sufficient supply of appropriate personal protective equipment for nurses and to share the need for creative staffing strategies to sustain the nursing workforce so they can continue to provide care during this pandemic.

2020 Legislative Session: week 6

It was a busy week of floor action at the State Capitol. Wednesday night was the House of Origin cutoff which means that all bills not necessary to implement the budget (NTIB) must be voted out of their original legislative chamber or they would no longer be viable. Bills that were voted out prior to cutoff will have hearings in the opposite chambers until the next policy cutoff on Friday, Feb. 28.

2020 Legislative Session: week 8

This week bills that weren’t considered “necessary to implement the budget” (NTIB) were required to pass out of their fiscal committees by Monday night. Legislators worked the weekend and late on Monday to hear as many bills as possible before the cutoff.

2020 Legislative Town Halls

Attend your legislators’ Town Hall meetings and advocate for School Nurse Corps funding and other nursing priorities. It’s a great opportunity to hear directly from your legislators.

WSNA opposes the Nurse Licensure Compact, SB 6209

The Washington State Nurses Association is committed to supporting nurses and reducing barriers to licensure, especially for military spouses and partners. However, WSNA does not support the NLC.